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WhatsApp’s new document-sharing feature is another shot at Slack

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  1. Jermain Leuschke says:

    I'd much rather see a tablet app. It could work the same way as their website. A live connection back to the phone.

    Without a tablet app sharing documents has less use for me. I only View documents on my phone never Edit them.

    My PC or Tablet is where I store documents.

    Hopefully Document Sharing will come to the Whatsapp website too.

  2. Elmo Windler says:

    Without tablet or pc support I'd still use Skype anyway.

    But agreed video support on my mobile would be nice. I only use Skype for video chat on my mobile. Otherwise it's all Whatsapp.

  3. Carli Russel says:

    Why don't they give us something we 'do' want such as video conferencing, such a faff having to keep going back to SkyPe.

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