Surface Book 2 release date, news and rumors

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  1. Eason7 says:

    This is a retarded article. I mean… there are no sources, and the author suggests a 980m…

  2. JollyGo0d says:

    Hop on the OLED train like the Thinkpad X1 Yoga and HP Spectre x360 without upping the already insane prices on the upper tier models. The current resolution for a 13.5″ screen is fine. Also give the dGPU 2 gb and add Thunderbolt/C.

  3. Tallperson117 says:

    If they could implement a Thunderbolt port then there wouldn’t be much need for a 980m. With the Thunderbolt you could just get an external GPU and you’d be set, just as long as they offer an option for a beefier CPU, as well as decent RAM.

  4. andrea says:

    they could add the new rx 480m with a 35w tdp and decent performance

  5. rtcinema says:

    Why would Microsoft be rushing to release their second computer using Skylake to compete against Apple’s first computer using Skylake? They’ll likely wait and release the next iteration of the Surface Book in the Fall/Winter with Kabylake and be on the market for another 8 months ahead of Apple.

  6. Kyouhyung Kim says:

    By the way, current generation of Surface Book actually lets you detach the screen when it is powered off. The detach button works whether the device is powered on or off. I can’t really understand why everyone is complaining about the issue that doesn’t even exist in the first place.

  7. SpacemanJupiter says:

    I doubt they would implement a 980 but with Nvidia’s new architecture for the 1080 (much faster, cheaper, more efficient) they could come up with a gpu that beats the first book in speed by a good margin. I just hope the tablet portion has a better integrated gpu in relation. I don’t care about 4k. That hinge definitely needs to go.

  8. Kyle McLaughlin says:

    Please. Get real tech writers. Never would they implement a GTX 980 nor will they put a 980m in the 2nd Surface Book, Not only is that NOT what the target audience is for this device but the 980m would have been out for 2 years by the time this new book comes out. On top the fact that the writer complains about/wants more battery life. Please be some type of realistic.

  9. Yep says:

    The writers on this website are such tech noobs. If they put a 4k res screen in then it will be a 16:9 screen which is terrible, 3:2 is the best and will be retained if MS have any sense. Thus the resolution would be more like 4200 x 2800 to be a good 3:2 ultra hd screen. Not that more pixels are needed for any reason whatsoever.

    1. fluxx says:

      My thought. I really hope they stick to the 3:2 ratio, it’s perfect for work. Just for my personal preference, it could also be a 14″ or 15″ sized screen, but 13.5″ is just fine.

      Only thing I miss is a native HDMI port. Most of the non-wireless beamers nowadays connect via HDMI and while Displayport might be fine for all monitors, those HDMI adapters are still unreliable.

      1. Yep says:

        It could be 15.6 or even 17.3 for me lol. Bigger the better.

    2. Anonamongoose says:

      ‘more pixels are needed for any reason whatsoever’, yeah, because people don’t buy stuff just because they don’t need it….noob

  10. Jesús says:

    A HDMI suport without USB-C? OMG! You’re still in 2010

  11. Stephen Pate says:

    Microsoft may want to best Apple but they are far from the quality Apple delivers in hardware and operating systems.

    1. JHughesy says:

      You must be joking. I have a mac and a PC. OSX is old and dated and lacking in functionality. Apple macs dont even have touch screens yet! Thought they do look good but so does the Surface Book which is way more advanced than any Mac.

    2. justsomeone says:

      Have you ever experienced the surfacebook first hand? I think it can rival a MacBook in terms of build quality in terms of software I have to admit that Microsoft still got some work to do (not that the hardware couldn’t be improved)

      1. Stephen Pate says:

        I want a Surface Book with its “Waiting For Godot” need for updates.

    3. Tanner Bryson says:

      Apple might offer a slightly more polished experience in some cases for some people, for a lot of other people the innovation Microsoft has been doing is making for some really awesome products. Surface Pro? Completely usable as a laptop, if not the most ideal. iPad Pro? Still an iPad, not a Mac, so it’s still very limited. A touchscreen Macbook? Still MIA…

      1. Stephen Pate says:

        Microsoft innovation is always in a perpetual state of gonna – like gonna see it soon. Then we get tired of waiting and they pull another rabbit out of the hat. How much of the cool Windows 8 features ever worked as announced? Windows 10 is the same story. It works but we are always waiting for the next rev to be the ultimate.

      2. HAL9K says:

        I disagree; I find the user experience of modern premium windows laptops better than Mac. I use a razer blade for day to day and would not go back.

        You pay a premium for a caped ecosystem and subpar components. It is really a good alternative for people not interested in technology.

        However, for this demographic the Chromebook does the trick.

        Apple ecosystem is not for serious work, maybe for some niches but overall I find it subpar.

        I think it slike Bang & Olufsen gadgets, sexy but overpriced.

        My next Laptop? Probably a Kaby lake razer blade pro or a Surface book 2.

      3. Stephen Pate says:

        It depends on what you need. Musicians have been looking for the perfect page sized tablet for sheet music. The iPad Pro fits the bill and has several excellent apps besides the screen real estate.

        1. Mariano Lucas Lizárraga says:

          Real musicians should use an specific build of Linux, or of android (depends PC or Tablet), because the can have a lot less audio lag input. There aren’t much android specialized tablets, but it could be installed a linux partition. Apple is everyday less innovative, unique, and even less the most usefull tool.

          1. Stephen Pate says:

            I know tons of musicians and none of them have a Linux DAW. A few are suffering through Android. Most pros and semi-pros use Mac OS and some use Windows.

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