Creative Solutions acquires Amimon

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  1. Eric Girgash says:

    Wonder how this will affect Arri’s integrated wireless video?

  2. Crowd_Sorcerer says:

    For a while now I’ve tried to avoid buying products from Vitec or Vitec-owned companies.

    Go ahead and buy it if you want the monopolies to grow even bigger. If government competition agencies were doing their job they would stop this sort of thing.

    Personally, I don’t like monopolies. I’m happy using Miller tripods.

  3. MusicIsMath says:

    The Vitec Group continues to develop it’s stranglehold over select areas of our industry, hooray!

    They have the tripod market more or less cornered, what with O’connor Sachtler Manfrotto Gitzo and Vinten under one roof. (really, what’s left? Ronford-Baker, Cartoni and Miller?)

    They bought out Petrol, Kata and Lowepro, killing the former two brands in the process.

    Paralinx and Terradek and now the sole chip provider to all the other competitors in this market segment as well.

    1. Video Soul says:

      Teradeks use Amimom chips.

      1. MusicIsMath says:

        Yes, my commentary was that two big brands in the wireless video sphere (Teradek and paralinx) are already owned by vitec, and now the chip maker who provides chips to all other competitors will be controlled by them as well.

        1. Video Soul says:


  4. Tanner Wilson says:

    Curious, article above says Amimon provides chips to Freefly. Did I miss a product?

    1. Video Soul says:

      Mimic maybe?

  5. Jesse Brauning says:

    Yeah this is terrible for future competition in the market.

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