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Best Netflix TV shows: 35 great Netflix television series

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  1. Cierra Mann says:

    Yeah, I was kind of figuring that was the case, but couldn't be sure.

    You know what would be REALLY crazy? If that was the case here, what if they actually bothered stating that ANYWHERE in the 26 f*$king pages of the "article".

  2. Dr. Chelsey Mayer V says:

    If battle star is still on Netflix UK, why did they remove it from Netflix us

  3. Dane Gerlach says:

    You should change your region to the US then, you're currently on the UK region site. I don't think the author should have to make this statement if you're viewing the wrong region.

  4. Tremaine Hickle says:

    Great list. I'd definitely add Trailer Park Boys at the list. For those who can't access some of this content at your localregion, you can change your Netflix region by using UnoTelly. It provides great value for the money I spend on my Netflix sub.

  5. Mrs. Mollie Hackett DDS says:

    Better Call Saul has been available on UK Netflix since the show premiered in America
    In fact most of those shows are so the question is, where are you getting your facts from?

  6. Dr. Madison Stehr MD says:

    Mostly padded out American drivel then.

  7. Jace McCullough says:

    Where is Archer?!?!?! :O

  8. William Armstrong says:

    Sons of anarchy still hands down the greatest TV Show I have ever watched!

  9. Lauriane Pollich says:

    As indicated in other comments, I was comparing this list to the US version of Netflix. Obviously, this could've been easily clarified by the author(s) stating that in the article intro …

  10. Nils Flatley DVM says:

    >>>"This is why we have created the TechRadar guide to the greatest TV shows on UK Netflix right now." <<<

    It's right there in the article intro, before you even click through to the list…

  11. Mrs. Kaya Cole says:

    Loved quite a few of those shows. Orange is the New Black season 2 was especially fun to watch. Loved the Netflix season of Arrested Development as well.

  12. Dr. Favian Mayer Jr. says:

    How do you not have the best show ever made on your list? "TRAILER PARK BOYS" There has never been a funnier show.

  13. Laurine Strosin says:

    I strongly suspect they are talking about UK Netflix.

    I haven't looked everything up, but i can't think of any that are missing

  14. Dr. Rafaela Crona II says:

    I'm not sure where you got this info, or how you compiled this list, but almost half of it is completely wrong. Many shows are available on Hulu, but not Netflix. While several shows aren't available on either.

    On Hulu (not Netflix):
    – Brooklyn Nine-Nine
    – Community
    – Misfits
    – The Shield
    – The Thick Of It

    Not available on either:
    – Better Call Saul
    – Fargo
    – Person Of Interest
    – Utopia

  15. Chris Leannon says:

    Nope – wasn't there 2 months ago when this was originally written. Nice to know they updated the article, though.

    And, FWIW – I'm now looking at the US version of the site, and it's STILL wrong. In fact, the title now even says "25 great Netflix television series in the US". But it lists Fargo at #10, which isn't available on US Netflix.

  16. Adolf Carroll DVM says:

    i m shocked many worth watching TV shows are missing to secure a place in this list and some bogus shows have been mentioned by the writer. Well, there's a lot more better shows to watch on HBO, Netflix and Amazon. so try VPN if stopped by geo-restrictions.

  17. Ben Blick says:

    it's a UK site, so it wouldn't have been unreasonable to assume the readership understood they were talking about UK Netflix to be honest

  18. Catalina Mraz says:

    How is Stargate sg1 and Atlantis not on there

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