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Australia’s best streaming services compared

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  1. Ms. Barbara Legros PhD says:

    I'm using Quickflix (stream + 1 DVD at a time) combo for last 3 – 4 years now. No problems what so ever. New titles keep adding and has grown significantly now. Initially we didn't use DVD option much. But now my son waits for new DVD to come and gets excited to watch arrived movie. We watch Quickflix on Samsung LED TV, PS3, Samsung Note 10.1, iPad and I even watch pending movies on my iphone based on unavailability of other devices. Just love it.

    Each christmas (and may be one more time during some of the other festivals. sorry don't remember.) Quickflix guys, send 3 x $60 vouchers that we give to near and dears. Get good comments from them especially if they didn't know about Quickflix. When I subscribed for combo it was $13 and it still is for me. Despite the fact that their combo price has gone now to $20, they haven't changed my subscription charges. 🙂

    I remember, when my card got expired, I received email about it, although they continued to send me the next DVD in queue. And didn't deactivate my online account. Although I updated new credit card immediately so don't know how long they would have kept my account active.

    We don't pay for streaming new titles, instead we add them to the DVD queue.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Jayson Pagac says:

    I signed with Netflix Aust and then discovered that if accessing Netflix USA through a VPN, it still recognises your Aust subscription but gives you US content as it assumes you are travelling. Not sure if it is full US content, but certainly more than here.

  3. Saige Hyatt says:

    As an American living in Australia, for a few years now, and a long time
    customer of Netflix in America, I can tell you the Australian version
    of Netflix is horrible! I will most definitely not be continuing with my
    subscription. Very disappointed Netflix! I will most likely switch to
    Stan as they seem to be the closest to what the American version of
    Netflix is.

  4. Prof. Kallie O'Kon II says:

    I have all 4 subscriptions and will give my 2cents worth on what i think is the best.

    Netflix Australia: 6/10
    Great looking app (TV), very fast and intuitive.
    Not enough titles on their site, and few new quality movies added.

    Netflix (US) if you can get it: 8/10
    Very fast and well laid out TV application. best of all 4 when it comes to TV shows ie: Family guy, Futurama, 100, Roswell, and all the latest and old shows.
    Always updating their movie selection. However, even Netflix US movie titles aren't always the best.

    Presto: 4/10
    Awful TV app, slow slow slow. what's that all about. Movie selection okay at best. TV shows, Big bang theory is awesome to have, but that is about it. If you have Foxtel, then apart from some titles on presto you kinda have presto anyways using Foxtel ANytime.
    Plus Foxtel Premium customers get Presto free for a year.

    Quickflix: 4/10
    Have it… never watch it 😀
    TV app better then Presto, if you like older Movies ie: Superman etc with hardly any new Movies (unless you want pay extra for a Movie Premiunn) then don't see the point having Quickflix.

    Stan: 8/10
    When Stan first came out, tried it, was OK. no TV app at that time. But recently been giving it another go, and I must admit it is kinda awesome.
    Great and very watchable selection of Quality Movies.
    Titles load fast and unlike sometimes with Netflix and all the time with presto, no buffering.
    TV app up to par with Netflix. Top Menu bar. Movies, TV SHows, My List, History makes it even more easy to navigable in some respects then NETFLIX.
    $10.00 a month isn't bad either. I'd say if you luv new and great movies, stick with Stan, you will always be watching great movies.

    Final thoughts…
    if you know how to get US Netflix, then i'd say just for the huge amount of great quality TV drama they have, you may want stay with them. But if you luv movies and great new titles, Stan is probably the place to go.


  5. Amya Bauch says:

    I've tried Quickflix and it's the biggest bait and switch going, you really need to make it clear that only content older than 10 years is included in the monthly see, anything worth watching or even relatively new is an extra cost.

    I leaning towards stand puerly for the HD content, we'll see what Netflix brings

  6. Noemi Keeling says:

    All I mentioned about Quickflix still holds true.
    Few days back, I thought to give Netflix's free 30 days a try during my son's easter holidays.
    I have now discontinued Quickflix subscription.
    Reason being, Netflix's library it seems as if it is made for me and my family's interest. I like those documentaries and discovery programs. Netflix has got so many good programs that despite I have watched quite a few, I haven't even covered 5% of them.
    Moreover, World Cinema collection of Netflix is much better compared to Quickflix. Probably 10 times better or more.
    In Quickflix, I had to go and select my Genres of choice. I have to admit that it didn't work. I used to still get those programs and types of movies that I and my family don't care.
    While in Netflix, it appears automatic. The more I watch, the more it is adding programs of similar categories. I love it.
    While Quickflix is available on multiple devices, they are trying to be good at their service and they are reasonably priced, they seem to have missed on understanding buyer needs and wants to a certain degree. At least for my family.
    I discontinued from Quickflix, because with Netflix now I don't see a need of that DVD option.
    Reality for my family is that we watch more TV (i.e. Netflix programs) now. Whereas with Quickflix we used to watch may be once every second day. (That is due to poorly aligned selection of available programs. Most of the movies were so old that we didn't care watching them.)
    All in all, I'm going to pay a little less than Quickflix. Which is a plus.
    I'm also thinking of giving STAN's 30 days trial a try in coming months. Who knows that's even better than Netflix.

  7. Dewitt Smitham says:

    The article really should have included a comparison of all four services against popcorn time or bittorrent. They are all well behind in terms of content, quality and devices. The only way to move the industry forward is to constantly remind them of where they're failing.

  8. Santina Braun says:

    Thanks for the information Vaughan. I'll do just that!

  9. Ms. Thora Green says:

    I've done the free trial with Stan and $10 a month for HD included is hard to beat. The only thing I hate is Exetel REALLY sucks during peak times and Stan does not buffer the movie while you pause, so for most ADSL 2+ connections in Australia that suffer during peak hours you will get bad streaming issues and a lot of pausing. I've heard Netflix does not suffer from this same problem so will give them a run with their free trial see how it goes.

  10. Matilde Schimmel says:

    It's not, I've heard from a lot of people. Might as well keep your VPN and continue to sub to American Netflix if you want that.

  11. Mrs. Connie Bechtelar MD says:

    So I'd like some help on the stan front… A Walk Among The Tombstones and John Wick are most certainly not on the movies list… I don't know how you guys found this information out, but I can't find them. Someone please let me know if I'm missing something!

  12. Cindy Block IV says:

    This is where Quickflix shines as you have mentioned. Majority of Australia has piss poor internet. I used to pay for cable with Telstra, and outside of that and NBN you will suffer when you try to stream during peak congestion periods. I've gone back to ADSL 2 + being at uni saving some money and it is just extremely poor how bad the internet quality is here in Australia. If you love movies, want to stream and not able to get NBN, be prepared to have to get reamed by Telstra cable costs or simple don't bother. (I've gone with the latter) And this isn't regional, I live in Sydney!

    It is no wonder torrents are still such a viable option in Australia as you see other people writing everywhere, it is because of the above reason I have given. Google have outlaid FREE 5MB / 1MB internet to those in America…. and $70 a month unlimited gigabit speeds.

  13. Demond Effertz V says:

    Sure does.

  14. Prof. Wilson Stracke DVM says:

    I watch Stan using Google Chrome on my Windows 7 PC and it works fine? I think it uses Silverlight…

  15. Herminia Goldner says:

    Netflix all day long. I suspect the rest will be playing catch up for a long time, but we'll see…

  16. Ernest Dach DVM says:

    Agree Tim.
    After subscribing to Netflix's 30 days trial, I realised how old Quickflix programs were. (I have now discontinued Quickflix subscription).

  17. Jerry Lueilwitz says:

    Stan now native to Apple TV in australia

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